(Ages 12-18)

STAaC (Ages 12-18)

PASC’s recommends Strength Training, Agility and Conditioning (STAaC) program for our older players.

“If Freshmen aren’t strong enough and fast enough to pass the fitness tests, they will not play this year.” – Cameron Rast, Head Coach Santa Clara University.

There is a HUGE gap in terms of speed, agility and quickness from the High School level to the College level. Coach Darrin Domingo has worked with college athletes from all over the country. The sooner athletes are introduced to speed, agility and quickness training, the quicker they can bridge that gap.

Our Coaches will take the athletes through a program that will expose them to training techniques that will benefit them now and in the future. Athletes will improve their strength, agility, quickness, balance, body awareness and overall conditioning that will take them to the Next Level.

Areas of Concentration:

1. Speed and Explosiveness
2. Agility and Footwork
3. Core Stability and Balance
4. Full Body Strength
5. Cardiovascular Conditioning

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