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PASC Player Development Programs expands the training opportunities provided by PASC Club Teams. The training curriculum starts with the youth development program for ages 4-9, continues within the approximately 60 teams ranging in age from U8 to U18, and is supplemented in skill academies for goalkeepers and field players, and summer camps:

If you have any general questions on PASC programs, please contact Leena Gill, PASC Programs Director, or email the point of contact within the specific program.

PASC Programs fit within the Overall PASC Player Development Philosophy

PASC supports players and teams at multiple levels of competition. We believe that for all these levels, positive results at games and in personal development flow from first focusing on individual skills, and second from thoughtful team strategy. While we look to teach technically sound play, our players are encouraged to experiment and make mistakes in order to find their own best style. More importantly our young athletes develop a resilient character and strong values that prepares them for success in all facets of their lives.

PASC coaches follow a curriculum modeled on the US Development Academy to develop players from the youngest ages through U18 with multiple levels of competition. The curriculum and regular player assessments are adapted to the various developmental stages of each of the boys and girls teams.


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