02B White Wins MVLA Fall Cup

 In 02 Boys, 11v11-Team

02B white played MVLA Fall Cup, Oct 24 and 25, Gold Division BU14. Allowing only two goals and playing fierce competition. 02B White went into the final match to beat host team MVLA Predators Blue 1-0 in golden goal in over time, scored by Stefan Garduño. 02B White is coached by Ian Drury and has two original players from it’s inception team in 2008, Ben T and Kenny W. 02B White would like to thank all three PASC coaches who have coached them throughout the years, parents for all the support and carpools and all the players who have ever been part of our team. We wish our five 2001 players the best of luck as they continue their soccer journey, Ben T, James J, Ilan To, Ian C and Max Z we will miss your friendship, speed, and good nature. Great job PASC 02B White.

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