“The PASC Documentaries”: an inside look at the people of Palo Alto Soccer Club


Alejandro Sosa - PASC Coach

Cillian O'Sullivan - PASC Player - 09B Blue

Al Cairns - PASC Coach

Zoe Makrigiannis - PASC Coach

Chloe Bloom - PASC Player

Ken Mburu - PASC Coach (Part 1/3)

Coach Ken - (Part 2/3) Youth Development Program

Matthew White - PASC Player

Ep. 9 Jessie, Mia, and Maeve

Ep. 10 SVSA Director - Gerson Perez

Ep. 11 Laura Fuentes and London Lombana

Ep. 12 Bella and Luci

Ep. 13 Patricia Smith

Ep. 14 Jonathan Colunga

Ep. 15 Haley and Lauryn

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