PASC Competitive, Premier, NPL and US Development Academy Teams

PASC Competitive and Premier Teams are the right choice for players wanting to take their soccer to the next level with similarly committed players and professional coaches. If you are interested in joining one of these teams, you will find contact information for both team coaches and managers listed online.

PASC has seen incredible growth in competitive team enrollment in the past few years. This increased enrollment has also led to increased success of our Premier level teams at these younger age groups and National Premier League teams at the U14 and above age groups. In addition, PASC is introducing a US Soccer Development Academy program in Palo Alto in partnership with Juventus for the Fall 2016 season.

Most PASC families place a premium on quality of life and have education as the highest priority. For those families that are interested in their players developing into college or higher level players, they benefit from training and curriculum modeled on the US Soccer Curriculum Guidelines from the youngest ages. These families often value the compact, more locally developed team rosters and reduced training session commute. The players benefit from participation in college showcases on a PASC NPL team. For the most elite athlete, PASC also offers a US Development Academy program in Palo Alto starting at U12 and U13 in partnership with Juventus Soccer Club.  US Development Academy programs are in place to identify US National team players. With a choice of local PASC Premier, NPL or Academy team, the player and the family can better balance education and training to enable a better college choice.

Competitive and Premier Club Teams

Competitive level
The level of soccer provided by competitive teams is intended for those players who have a greater interest and commitment in advancing their skills than is provided by recreational soccer leagues. These teams focus on ongoing player development that provides all players an advanced type of soccer at their skill level but also enables driven players a path towards Premier level teams. Our Competitive teams also participate in training, league play and tournaments throughout the year, but typically with longer off-seasons than the Premier level teams.

Premier level
These teams represent the highest level of commitment by both players and parents and represent the highest level of competitive soccer offered. Premier level teams are ideal for the most driven and skilled players that want to develop their soccer skills while competing at the highest level. Premier level teams typically participate in three training sessions per week as well as league play and tournaments during much of the year. Premier level teams have participated and won championships in prestigious tournaments including the US Club Soccer National and Regional championships and premier tournaments in Northern and Southern California. The top Premier level players are identified and encouraged to participate in regional and state player training and development programs offered by the leagues.

National Premier League

The National Premier League (NPL) currently consists of 19 member leagues for the 2015-16 season from all across the United States. The NorCal NPL is the NPL league for Northern California and is NorCal Premier’s top league for U14-U19 teams. PASC is a NorCal NPL member club with teams consistently competing within NPL. For example, PASC 97B Blue, ended in second place in NorCal NPL competition and was ranked third nationally in 2015. We are one of a few clubs in the Peninsula that offer players an opportunity to play at the NPL level.

NPL is governed by US Club Soccer and provides a unified, league-based national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in given geographic areas. The NPL extends developmental principles espoused by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy into younger age groups and additional clubs, providing a platform for long-term player development.
More specifically, the NPL provides a platform that:

  • Focuses on long-term player development;
  • Supports the country’s top soccer clubs, allowing for consistent, meaningful, high-level matches appropriately scheduled with higher training-to-game ratios;
  • Allow players to be scouted and evaluated by U.S. Soccer National Staff and Technical Advisors;
  • Is designed and structured by the clubs, based on the needs of the clubs; and
  • Provides an avenue for qualification for the NPL Finals (National Championship).

Click here for more information on NorCal NPL.

US Soccer Development Academy

The Palo Alto Soccer Club and Juventus Sport Club are pleased to jointly announced the launch of a new Peninsula U.S. Soccer Development Academy with expansion in the Fall of 2016 for boys in the U-12 and U-13 age groups in Palo Alto. The joint PASC/Juventus Academy will boost player development in our community, providing these critical younger ages an opportunity to play elite soccer and develop to reach their full potential in their peak learning years. The Academy philosophy is centered around higher quality training and more meaningful games to develop world-class players. For more information about this exciting new program from the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, please see the announcement here.

Palo Alto and Juventus are founding members of a Peninsula based US Development Academy, a joint venture between the two clubs organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that incorporates both the existing Juventus U14, U16 and U18 US Development Academy programs and the expansion of the Academy with U12 and U13 Academy programs in Palo Alto. Creating a separate entity that includes all Peninsula Academy programs enables this new Peninsula Development Academy to leverage the resources and strengths of the partner clubs while allowing each partner club to maintain their community based club soccer programs.

Please contact for more information on U12 and U13 Development Academy.

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