PASC is blessed to have a coaching roster that includes players previously competing in professional leagues and national teams. The Club places a significant emphasis on continuing education of our coaching staff to properly develop our soccer players into well-balanced soccer athletes. We are also proud of the many soccer athletes developed within the Club that returned as PASC professional coaches.

PASC coaches follow a curriculum modeled on the US Soccer Curriculum Guidelines to develop players from the youngest ages through U18. In order to get the maximum benefit, the Club places an emphasis on the coach’s training preparation and planning both at the individual training session as well as the season plan. The curriculum and regular player assessments are adapted to the various developmental stages of the boys and girls teams. PASC coaches receive regular assessments from the Directors benefiting from their experience and mentorship in implementing the curriculum and player assessments.

If you would like to join our coaching staff, please contact the Directors of Coaching or write to


Coaching Education and Growth

PASC recognizes the value of supporting coaches and the impact better coaching will bring in terms of on-field performance and commitment by coaches and players. The club encourages coaches to pursue licensing and other education opportunities offered externally. The club offers a reimbursement policy to permit PASC coaches to receive up to 100% repayment of the course fees.

For the latest available courses and licensing opportunities, go to the “Resources For Coaches” section in the Resources tab.


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