College Placement (8th Grade and Up)


College Placement (8th Grade and Up)


PASC is a comprehensive club with players at all competitive levels. As the club’s mission statement says, “Prepare select athletes for exposure and positioning into universities across the country” the college placement program will take this component and push it to the next level. The program will be player-centric in support and guidance for each player’s unique process and decision to investigate and to strive for college soccer or just as importantly, to investigate and decide it is not the best individual path. The Placement Director will serve as the position lead to work with the club’s players, coaches and families to assist those both deserving and desiring college assistance.

The program is led by PASC Coach Kyle Hagenburger.


The program covers at minimum 3 main areas:

• What the club does for all teams to expose them to college
• What the club expects of all teams that are playing at a high level and how we support them with the college process
• What the club does to promote our individual players.


Program benefits for all teams:

All high-level teams will be promoted by the club’s college program director prior to every showcase tournament that they play. As the schools and teams become more familiar and closer to college the conversation with the college coaches will be team and player specific.

Club, via placement director, will subsequently follow up with each college coach to see if they did attend any matches and what players were interesting to them.

The club’s placement director will also set up College ID Camps. Our teams would have first access to these camps and we will invite College Coaches to attend and run the sessions. It gives our players a chance to be up close and evaluated by college coaches.

Program Benefits For Players

The club will help organize and facilitate college tours at schools that our players have an interest. They can both be local and based on tournaments in which our players and teams are playing.

Our club will host  College Information Nights. These will outline the basic college process for players, timeframes, and expectations. They will also get the opportunity to hear from current college players as to what their experience is like and learn more about the college process. See below for College Information Night examples.

Our college program director will be available to meet with each player interested in the college process and outline a specific plan for them. This plan will be emailed to the directors and that player’s coach. The player will then decide how to take the action but will copy the college program director on each email so the director can follow up and help with the process. It is a player support program, therefore player centric and player-directed. The college program director will GUIDE AND SUPPORT. It is a supplemental fee-based program.

College Information Night Examples

The following provides examples of College Information Nights:


Example #1: Sessions on three different topics.
We will have sample player profiles on hand and give information on why our players need them and how they can make one for themselves
645-745pm – THE COLLEGE SOCCER RECRUITING PROCESS (suggested for boys in 11th and 12th grade and girls in 10th, 11th and 12th grade)
We will go over the process, explain terminology, suggest timelines, and answer questions about how to get recruited to play soccer in college
8-9pm – COMMUNICATING WITH THE COLLEGE COACH (suggested for boys in 11th and 12th grade and girls in 10th, 11th and 12th grade)
We will give examples and suggestions on how to email and call college coaches


Example #2: Sessions on two different topics.
630-730pm – EXTRA HELP SESSION (suggested for 11th and 12th graders)
We will go over the college visit process, personalize timelines, give specific information on how to communicate, and answer specific questions
that have come up since the first college night
730-830pm – FROM THE PLAYER PERSPECTIVE (open to all)
We will have college players on hand to talk about the transition from high school/club soccer to college soccer (on the field, fitness, and classwork)

PASC Individualized College Placement Program

The college placement program along with guidance and support of the CPD are free of charge for all PASC players.  We are pleased to offer the option of a more individualized guidance to any interested player at the cost of $150 per season

Structure: Players may sign up per season and may voluntarily exit the program at the end of each season. Players and families must pay the non-refundable season fee by the second week of the spring season.

Program Details: The following are the types of services that a player in the college placement program could take advantage of:

  • One (1) one-on-one assessment/planning meeting outlining an individualized plan for college recruiting. For those players that have already had a session like this, they will get one meeting per season to assess progress, changes and further needs.
  • Assistance writing general and follow-up letters and other correspondences to coaches.
  • Individualized college communication tracking. This includes help creating an introduction email and what to say in response to college coaches.
  • Placement Director will follow up with specific schools and coaches of interest after showcase tournaments and ID camps.
  • Placement Director will assess and provide feedback on highlight video and include the assessment in his emails to college coaches.
  • Placement Director will assist with the creation of a compelling player profile.
  • Placement Director will assess player in one game and evaluate appropriate college specific goals. Placement Director will also consult with the team coach for additional feedback.
  • Placement Director will assist with ID camp selection and preparation process. He will also reach out to the camp coaches for specific tangible feedback.

To get started, please contact Kyle Hagenburger, the College Program Placement Director at For more general information on the program you can also email to

PASC Hosted College ID Camp

PASC College Placement Program seeks to provide our players with exposure to a diverse range of colleges. In keeping with that intent, the PASC Hosted College ID Camp will be staffed with coaches from NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 as well as NAIA schools. The goal is to have between 3 and 8 coaches. We have the following coaches committed to the camp and will add additional ones as they commit.

Boys –
June 11 10-4 @ Cubberley Turf

  • USF: Steven Sosa
  • UC Merced: Albert Martins

July 22 10-4 @ El Camino Park (UC Davis Men)

  • UC Davis: Chris Leer
  • University of the Pacific: Jordan Ferrell

Girls –
June 12 10-4 @ Cubberley Turf (UC Davis Women, UC Santa Cruz Women, Mills College)

  • UC Davis: Marcelo Antonelli
  • Mills College: Laura VanWart
  • UC Santa Cruz: Emily Scheese

July 21 10-4 @ Cubberley Grass (Point Loma Nazarene)

  • San Francisco State University: Tracy Hamm
  • Point Loma Nazarene University

PASC Player Fee – 1 session: $95.00
Non-PASC Player Fee – 1 Session : $150.00

PASC Player Fee – both sessions: $160.00
Non-PASC Player Fee – both sessions : $250.00

Space is limited to ensure our players get seen and evaluated by each coach. If you are not sure about the college process this camp can be a great opportunity to get the experience of an ID Camp and evaluated by college coaches.

Please contact Kyle Hagenburger, the College Program Placement Director at with questions about the College ID Event.

For more general information on the program you can also email to


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