Juventus Sport Club and Palo Alto Soccer Club Partner Up to Expand Network for Elite Soccer Training

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Redwood City, CA- April 5, 2017- Juventus Sport Club and and Palo Alto Soccer Club today announced the unveiling of Silicon Valley Soccer Academy, a U.S. Soccer Development Academy. The Academy’s mission is to boost player development in our Silicon Valley community by providing elite players ages U12-U19 an opportunity to work with top-level coaches, play elite soccer and develop to their athletic potential during peak learning years, regardless of their financial situation.

Players in the US Soccer Development Academy demonstrate passion and skills everyday on the field. Silicon Valley Soccer Academy provides member clubs a platform for the Bay Area’s best players to showcase their talents, support their academics and college aspirations, and create life changing opportunities through a sport they love.

“Working collaboratively with our friends and neighbors at Palo Alto Soccer Club ensures soccer players from the broader Silicon Valley region will benefit from our efforts. At Juventus, we have a 60-year tradition of producing top-level players,” said Juventus Sport Club Board President Michael Viviani. “By creating this elite player path, we are certain to continue this tradition, and extend Silicon Valley’s reputation as a leader in technology, sport and player development.”

After forming a US Development Academy partnership between Juventus Sport Club and Palo Alto Soccer Club in 2016, the clubs furthered the relationship by creating Silicon Valley Soccer Academy. It is organized as a non¬profit 501(c)(3) organization with Juventus Sport Club and Palo Alto Soccer Club as its founding members. Silicon Valley Soccer Academy is the new name for the Juventus Academy.

“Silicon Valley Soccer Academy represents an important milestone described in our initial partnership announcement and represents the result of the deep trust and strong partnership that our two elite clubs have developed in the past year,” according to Edward Camarena, Palo Alto Soccer Club President. “This milestone will help facilitate participation from additional member clubs that share a similar player development philosophy.”

Through Silicon Valley Soccer Academy and its six U12-U19 Academy teams, Juventus Sport Club, Palo Alto Soccer Club, and any future member clubs will pool their resources to offer the pinnacle of youth soccer development. Together, they will foster talent in players of the member clubs and other surrounding clubs while retaining each partner club’s much larger community based club soccer programs.

Elite soccer is not an inexpensive endeavor. Silicon Valley Soccer Academy is welcoming corporate sponsorship. Companies interested in sponsoring Silicon Valley Soccer Academy can learn more at svsa.org or contact Drew Wittman at info@svsa.org.

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