PASC 09 Girls Blue Success Story

 In 09 Girls

Congrats to the PASC 09 Blue Girls team for their championship win at the MVLA Spring Cup on April 29-30th!

In their first tournament competing 7v7, the team had a shutout 7-0 win against the Mustangs 2009 Black in the final game at Twin Creeks. After a halftime 1-0 lead, the girls came on strong with passing, formation and determination. There were also some helpful teaching moments along the way related to offsides, proper throw-in technique and goalkeeper rules!

In an earlier game against the same Mustangs team, the PASC 09 girls had a tighter 4-3 win after 3 goals were scored against them in the second half. The championship rematch was a great test of their focus and teamwork, even as they learned about ball speed on a turf field!

The team’s win also reflects the success for how PASC can develop younger players – the majority of this team has been training together for the past year, starting last Spring with the Club’s “in-house” skills development program.

After a few seasons of “5v5 playdates” and ongoing skills training they have shown they are ready to compete!

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