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As you know, player development is priority number one at Palo Alto Soccer Club and, in a continued effort to bring a better experience to our local soccer community, we are pleased to announce a new and exciting collaboration with AYSO Region 26 (link).

Palo Alto Soccer Club and AYSO Region 26 are working together to help parents in Palo Alto find the right placement for their children to play, enjoy and develop their soccer skills and potential. This collaborative effort will bring together and share our common knowledge, dedication and support system to provide more programs and better training opportunities for both PASC and AYSO families.

PASC and AYSO share the same player-centric core principles and a tighter alignment between our programs will:

  • Offer more opportunities for young players to develop their skills.
  • Provide great soccer options through high school and help families select the appropriate program along the way
  • Minimize disruption and discrepancies in coaching style between the two organizations.

Moreover, we can already share great early wins of this relationship:

  • A number of AYSO Select teams are already competing under the PASC umbrella.
  • Expanded guest player opportunities
  • Deeper exposure for AYSO Select coaches to the PASC player development curriculum
  • AYSO Select coaches are included in the PASC coaching education program.
  • Open tryouts and trial periods will be coordinated between PASC and AYSO Region 26.
  • PASC will provide coaching support and guidance to the AYSO Region 26 recreational program.

It is important to note that, at this time, the collaboration with AYSO will affect the boys teams only.

We will be sharing more details about this new way to experience youth soccer in our local community and, in the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the Fall 2017 Tryouts!

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