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In-House Program

The purpose of the PASC in-house soccer program is to create a bridge between our YDP program and our competitive teams. Player will not tryout for this program instead players will participate on a placement process – meaning players will practice with players with similar ability as determined by the coaching staff. We will introduce our youth and parents to the game of soccer while also preparing them for travel soccer at the club. The focus of our in-house program is increased development and creating a love for the great game of soccer at a young elementary school age.

Players learn and experience age appropriate aspects of the game:

  • technical and tactical aspects of soccer,
  • the importance of good sportsmanship and team play,
  • exercise to build endurance, and
  • enjoy playing in an instructional environment.

There are large and small group activities, with small-sided games and/or fun game related activities incorporated into each session.

PASC in-house soccer includes two practices per week during the spring and fall seasons, with 2 – 4 Saturday playdates per season (click here to access the full calendar). In-house soccer has the boys and girls programs separately in order to start creating a team atmosphere as the goal for these kids will be to join the PASC competitive programs.

The In-house program is designed for players born in 2010 with an ongoing interest is soccer, that can regularly participate in 2 weekly sessions. PASC has other programs that may be better suited for different experience, age or interest level. Exceptions can be considered upon further evaluation of player and discussing with parents.


  • All sessions will be at Cubberley Grass
  • All sessions will be from 4 – 5 pm
  • Session will be held either on M/W or T/Th
  • Participants receive a PASC practice t-shirt.

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