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Referee Information

Mike Endsley is our referee coordinator. If you have questions about the referee here is how to reach him:

For email, send to or you can contact Mike via cell phone at 650-224-6016.

Our Referee Coordinator will work with our Field Coordinator Birol Becan to make sure that every game has 3 referees assigned — 1 Center Referee (CR) and 2 Assistant Referees (ARs) or one CR for some games that only require 1 CR.

If there is a problem with a ref, the manager should contact Mike by e-mail or phone. No one should ever speak to the ref directly regarding play on the field.

Referee Fee Schedule (Valid as of Spring 2022)

Be sure to have a copy of your league (CCSL or NorCal) rules of play at each game to show to the referee in the event of a question regarding play time for your age group.

Time Center Line/AR Per Game Total
U8-U10  (25 min. half) $40 $30 $100
U11-U12 (30 min. half) $50 $40 $130
U13 (35 min. half) $55 $45 $145
U14-U16 (40 min. half) $60 $50 $160
U17-U19 (45 min. half) $65 $55 $175
U14-U16  (40 min) $65 $55 $175
U17-19    (45 min) $70 $60 $190
U13-U15  (40 min) $85 $55 $55
U16-U19   (45 min) $95 $65 $65
U13-U14 $75 $50 $175
U15-U19 $100 $60 $220


  • In the event that a 7v7 or 9v9 game is played with just a Solo CR (not likely) the Ref is to receive an extra $10 stipend.
  • Included in NPL fees is an extra $5 stipend above regular fee games.
  • CSSL U14 games play 35 minute halves and are to be paid at the 35 minute rate. NorCal U14 plays 40 minutes
  • Separate fee structure applies for tournaments (e.g. Tall Trees Tournament. Check with the referee coordinator for fees in these cases).
How do I find out if refs have been assigned?

1. Sign onto the Redwood as Manager.

2. Select Matches to view all your matches.
At the right are columns showing the CR and two ARs. Ignore the 4th column. One of four symbols may appear:

  • A green OK means a ref has been assigned and is confirmed for the game.
  • A grey ? means a ref has been assigned but is not yet confirmed.
  • A blue O means that there is no ref.
  • There is also a red symbol. This turnback symbol means that the ref accepted then rejected the job and there is no ref.

What if refs have not been assigned?

The ref coordinator works until the last minute to get three refs for all games. Therefore, it is common for refs to be assigned a few hours before a game. As a conscientious scheduler, it is important to monitor the ref assignments as described above. If a CR is confirmed, you are okay. If there are no ARs, knowledgeable parents may act as ARs. PASC will try to hold at least two ref clinics per year, to train more refs. At least one volunteer from each team is strongly encouraged to take a ref course, in case s/he is needed.

If no CR is confirmed at least 24 hours before game time, contact the referee coordinator by phone or e-mail.

What refs must be present to play a bona fide game?

CCSL and Norcal state that only a licensed official at Center Ref, who is at least two years older than the players on the field, need be present to have an officially recognized game. Refs must be at least 12 yrs old. The following referee conditions are okay:

  • An official CR with one or two Club linesmen.
  • An official AR acting as a CR with two Club linesmen, as long as the AR is two years older than the players.

In fact, an official game can occur, even if the CR is not licensed. This may only happen if the opposing coach agrees at the beginning of the game. If the opposing team does not agree, the home team forfeits the game.

What if refs are late for a game?

All three refs are expected to be at the game site 15 minutes prior to kickoff. If the CR has not arrived by then, do the following:

  • Urge the AR to begin the check-in process
  • Call the referee coordinator on his cell phone (Mike Endsley at 650-224-6016)  to report the problem.

If three refs are not present at kickoff time, try to recruit an AR to be the CR (if possible) and ask a team parent to serve as an AR. It is less desirable to use an unlicensed Club linesman to serve as the CR, and require the consent of the opposing coach.

What is the policy for rescheduling or canceling a game?

Once a game is listed on redwoodleague and the league site, it should not be changed. However on occasion, it is necessary to change a game time or cancel a game. If the change occurs at least one week prior to the game there should be no problem.

The cut-off for rescheduling a non-NPL game without penalty is Wednesday at 6pm  whichever comes first.

Due to additional requirements for NPL games (including game day and referee level) special scheduling and cancellation procedures apply for NPL games. Once scheduled, PASC discourages changing NPL home game schedules. The cut-off for rescheduling an NPL game after the NPL scheduling deadline –  2 weeks prior to the game.

If a game is canceled after that (except for rain), the refs must still be paid, and the team must assume responsibility to pay (see below). Payment is to be received by referees within one week. Address information is to be obtained from the referee coordinator.

Please send any cancellations or changes to the PASC Ref Coordinator.

How are referees paid?

Club fees cover payment of referees for up to 5 home games for both the spring and fall seasons (up to a team limit set by the board). PASC will provide referee fees to each team before each season. PASC home game teams should pay referees directly on the field per the fee schedule listed above. You are not responsible for paying referees at away games. Cash is preferred.

Referees are paid based on the number of minutes in each half.

For teams playing both CYSA and Norcal, PASC will cover the ref fees for just one league as selected by each team.

To ensure that referees are paid and recorded correctly, follow these instructions at the game:

1. Before the game, the manager gives the CR the game card/sheet.

2. Upon completion of the game, all referees sign the game card/sheet as per CYSA/Norcal rules and the CR returns the card/sheet to manager.

3. The manager gives the CR an envelope with cash or checks from the team to cover ref fees for all three refs.

4. The manager should keep the card through the end of the season.

In case of a red card, the CR should send the Referee Coordinator the game card with an explanation of the red card. Additional instructions regarding red cards are provided below.

If you cancel a game or reschedule a game after the allotted time, then you will still be responsible for paying the referees. Send the fee directly to the PASC treasurer and indicate on the check your team name and the date of canceled/rescheduled game:

Palo Alto Soccer Club
4000 Middlefield Ave, Room J5
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Attn: PASC Treasurer

Referee Evaluations

Mike is encouraging managers to carefully evaluate referee performance and provide constructive feedback so that weaker referees can get mentoring or training.

Please note that NorCal teams do not have access to PENSRA. If you feel that feedback on a referee’s performance is necessary please wait 24 hrs after the match and then send your feedback directly e-mail.

Here is the referee evaluation scale:

1 = Unacceptable, needs mentoring and/or retraining
2 = Below average, needs mentoring
3 = Met expectations
4 = Very good
5 = Outstanding

PENSRA invites coaches, managers and other referees to provide their feedback about how a Referee performed during the specific Assignment on any game assigned through PENSRA website only.

The Evaluator is simply an individual that attended and personally observed a Match Assignment. We do request that the Evaluator identify himself/herself, a contact Email or Phone, as well as their Affiliation (Home, Away). However, we do not display the Evaluator’s Identity to the Referee as the specific identity of the individual isn’t what the focus of an Evaluation should be.

It is important that the Evaluator/Referee realize that every Referee has good and bad days out on the pitch. The secret is to elevate one’s ability so that the good days happen a lot and the bad days happen rarely. To achieve this consistency, we all need to receive as much feedback as possible.

It is the trends or patterns we (as Referees) need to watch closely. If multiple Evaluations rate the Referee very poorly for Punctuality, it’s a pattern that can be corrected by simply showing up at the Assignment earlier. This is an example of how to interpret the results….if one Evaluation in ten suggests a Referee is appearing ‘late’ it could be simply that traffic was horrible on that day. On the other hand, if nine of ten Evaluations indicate the Referee is ‘late’…a pattern has emerged.

The Comments are reviewed by PENSRA Officers (ie. Assignors).

How should red cards be handled for CYSA?

Please always refer to the league website for updated instructions.

In the event that a player receives a red card in a CYSA game, it is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that the player pass and send off report are mailed to the correct playing league referee coordinator.

To this end, each manager should bring an envelope addressed to the referee coordinator for the correct playing league to every game. Check the Norcal league for instructions. Addresses for the CCSL league referee coordinator is listed here.

The procedure is explained on the Redwood League website.

The send off report form is here.

How should red cards be handled for Norcal?

Check the NorCal Premier website for rules.

For any questions regarding referees, please contact our Referee Coordinator via or you can contact Mike via phone at 650-224-6016.


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