Go to your Byga team calendar to review field assignments and availability. For questions, email Birol Becan.

A User Guide for scheduling games on Ridgestar and Gotsoccer is available.

For each season, scheduling is divided into practice scheduling and game scheduling.

For an overview on Practice and Game scheduling, Game Changes and Cancellations and Procedures with regards to Referees, please refer to the PASC Scheduling Handbook.



Mike Endsley is our referee coordinator. If you have questions about the referee here is how to reach him:
Mike email:, Mike’s cell # is: 650-224-6016
Alternatively, you can also reach both via

Refer to Referee FAQ for information regarding referee fees and other details.


In general, the first home team playing at a field must put up the nets and and last must take them down. Bob Wachs will send out a notice each week specifying those responsibilities. Refer to Field Setup for information on preparing a field before your game. In addition, the turf fields have strict field usage rules posted at Mayfield and Cubberley and listed here. Host teams are responsible for monitoring other teams to ensure compliance with these rules.


There are field slots that are not listed on Trumba. These are maintained by the City of Palo Alto, and may be requested by the PASC field coordinator. To search for available fields:

  1. Go to the Enjoy Online: Facilities website and click Facility Availability Search
  2. Scroll down to the Sports Complex listings (for example, Sports Complex – Stanford/PA is Mayfield). Select a field. You can select multiple fields by holding down the Control key while making your selections. Click Next.
  3. Accept the default selections for Function, Type, Feature, and Capacity. Click Next.
  4. Enter the Date, Day, Time, and Length you are seeking. Click Search.

If a desired field/time slot is found, email Birol Becan with your first two choices. He will contact the city and try to reserve the field for you. Please allow at least 48 hours.

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