Setting up fields for weekend games.

Teams will continue to have responsibility for goals and nets.


All goals at grass fields must be chained and locked against a fence after each practice and at the end of game day. The locks are maintained by the City of Palo Alto and the combinations are subject to change.

Managers or schedulers receive a weekly email with a list of lock combinations and weekly game instructions for goals and flags. Contact if you need to receive this email.

Failure to comply will result in monetary sanctions against a team and their coach. Please click here to read the full policy.

Goals and Flags Responsibility

You will receive a message from the Club field coordinator prior to each weekend if you have nets up/down responsibilities.

NOTE: If a team cancels or changes their game, it is that team’s responsibility to shift their nets/flags responsibilities to the next team scheduled for that field.

In general, the first club playing at a field must put up the goals and flags. If the game immediately following one of yours is a PASC game, the goals and flags can stay up. If not, they must be put away. All nets must be anchored using the u-shaped rebar anchors or sand bags.

Where Are Our Nets and Flags?

In general, goals and flags email is distributed by Thursday before games by the fields coordinator.
Cubberley Football (Turf), Mayfield, and El Camino: The goals are permanently in place. For all other sites, goals and flags must be moved into place and returned as instructed in the goals and flags email.

Mayfield:  As the home team, however, your team is responsible for enforcing the rules about what food and drinks can be brought onto the fields. Click here to review those rules, or better yet, forward them to your opposing team before the game.


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