Getting Started

This page provides information on getting associated with a team, obtaining login accounts for systems and applying for staff credentials.

Team Association

Coaches, Managers and team staff should file a New Team Staff request as soon as possible so that they can be granted access to the various websites used for team and player management.

Existing Staff can also use the form to request assignment to another team or removal from the systems if you are leaving the club.

Account Setup

Team staff will be using the multiple websites to register players, apply for entry to leagues and tournaments and to communicate within your team. With the exception of, these systems require that you use a unique personal account to login and access the team and players. The GotSoccer login is a shared account for the team and will be provided to you by the club staff.

For, you will receive a notice from the website to create your own account when you are assigned to a team.

For Redwood League and Team Snap, a club registrar will setup your account and appropriate access. You will receive a notification from the website when access is ready.

Soccer Related Websites & Systems

  • Byga – Communications and Calendar tool used by our Club and Teams
  • – online registration system for leagues, tournaments, player and staff passes
  • US Club Soccer – National Governing Organization, staff background checks


To be on the sideline with the team during a sanctioned match, adults must have valid credentials with the sanctioning organization. Coaches and Managers are required to be credentialed.

There must always be a credentialed adult on the sidelines during an event to supervise the team. If a coach is late for an event, or worse gets removed during the match, there must be another adult to stand in their place for the match to continue. It is recommended that a team consider getting credentials for additional team parents that can supervise during these situations.

Please complete the appropriate background check listed below and send a digital photo to

Background Checks

Both sanctioning organizations (US Club Soccer and CalNorth), require adults to complete a background check before credentials will be provided. US Club Soccer is completed online while the CalNorth process has both an online form and requires a fingerprint check through “Capital Live Scan”. Starting point for the background checks are from the links that follow.  The information for District, League and Club for the Live Scan Form is listed next to the link for the form itself. Fingerprinting can be done on a walk in basis at any of the Capital Live Scan Locations listed below.

As of Fall 2016, US Club Soccer has introduced a new requirement. Prior to completing the form for your background check, you must complete the Sideline Sports Doc online course.

  • US Club Soccer Background Check
  • CalNorth Application Form(completed each playing year)
  • CalNorth Fingerprinting via Capital Live Scan
    • Note: there is now an option to print a filled in Live Scan Form when you finish the online registration.
    • for convenience a blank copy of the form can be had here  (District=02, League=03, Club=14)
    • Live Scan Walk-in Locations
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