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NOTE:Player registration has moved to NEW PAGE . Player Cards for Fall season should not be purchased until AFTER July 1st.

If you are a new team in the club, the registrar will setup your team in BYGA as well as various registration systems.  Please send email to if you need access to your team in BYGA.

All Managers must Complete Staff Registration as this allows the club to stay compliant with federal and state laws protecting youth in sport.

For new players that attend group tryouts or drop-in to tryout during the season with a team, the family must complete and sign the PASC Player Participation Form download form


Registration consists of three items you must complete each Spring and Fall season.

  1. Club registration – is now completed online for each player. The system has a secure online payment system that will collect an initial deposit and the remaining balance will be setup in equal payments spaced out throughout the playing year.
  2. League registration – register to play in a CalNorth (CCSL/CRL) or NorCal Premier (NorCal/NPL).
  3. Player/Staff registration – register players/staff to get credentials from the appropriate governing body.

Registration Dates

Club Registration

Players now register with the club online via BYGA ( ). Players/families will receive an invite to create accounts in the system and to register for each new playing year.

The club has been evolving to a FLAT fee structure which helps us insure the viability of teams regardless of the number of players assigned to each team within an age group. The annualized fees cover the cost of coaching, field rentals, player credentials, league registration and entry for at least one tournament in each of the Fall and Spring seasons. These expenses are paid directly by the club on behalf of the team. The fees do not include clothing which is the responsibility of each player.

League Registration

League and other event registration is done through and an account exists for each team within our club. All staff (Coach, Manager, Registrar, Scheduler) from a team will share the login credentials for the team account. If you don’t have the credentials, please send email to and note which team you are with. Click here for a guide to GotSoccer Login & Roster Management.

Which league should my team play in?

Ask your coach which playing league(s) s/he wants the team to play in. See Leagues and Descriptions at the bottom of the page.

League Registration starts in late December (Spring) and late May (Fall) and close after approximately 2 months. Exact deadlines are listed on the calendar and on the CCSL, NorCal and Redwood Soccer websites listed below.

Here is a quick reference for league registration pages. Click the link in the first column to go directly to the registration page for the current season.

League Application League Details
CCSL (all ages) Register Details
NorCal u8-u10 Register Details
NorCal u11-u13 Register Details
NorCal u14-u19 Register Details

Player & Staff Registration

After you complete your team registration, it is time to register Players and staff. The registrations are done electronically through (CalNorth) and (US Club Soccer) and need to be completed in time to have the passes for staff and players back and laminated before the teams first match of the season.

For Staff registration, please go to the new Staff Registration page.

Player registration may be completed after you register to play in the League. Please go to the new Player Registration page.

Leagues and Descriptions

Several factors will affect the decision of which league to play, including: coach’s schedule, your team playing level, family commitment level, and level of competition offered by playing leagues at your age group.
CalNorth Cal Soccer League (CCSL)
CCSL is administered through California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA or CY).CCSL is still occasionally nicknamed CYSA or CY. Until recently, most competitive Club teams in the area played CCSL. Our local CCSL Registration League is Redwood Junior Soccer League (RWL), in District 2, which covers the Peninsula region. Within CCSL, there are different divisions, including State Premier (the highest ranked teams); Bay Region, which includes Gold and Silver Elite; and Coast for more local play of Silver, Bronze, and Copper level teams.

California Regional League (CRL)
CRL is sanctioned by CYSA and includes the top teams from Northern California across all districts. The league also hosts showcases where teams from Northern California and Southern California come together for multiday events. Their new website can be seen at

NorCal Premier Soccer (NorCal)
NorCal sanctioned through U.S. Club Soccer, has emerged as an alternative to CCSL, and playing in NorCal has become a more popular option. As in CCSL, there are different divisions depending on level of play, including the National Premier League (previously Regional Academy League) for elite U14 and older teams.

National Premier League (NPL)
The NorCal NPL serves as the National Premier Leagues (NPL) Division of the NorCal Premier League. The NorCal NPL Division is one of 19 leagues across the United States that are part of the NPL, which has been created to provide a national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in given geographic areas, and to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape based upon fundamental principles in US Club Soccer’s 10-year vision. The champions of each NPL (including the NorCal NPL) are awarded a spot in the US Club National Premier League Champions Cup. For more information on the NPL, please visit

Soccer Related Websites & Systems

Most systems will require that you have a personal account to login. The exception is the TEAM account for which is a shared account for use by all team staff. Accounts will be setup for staff after they complete the New Team Staff form.

Web Site Description and Usage
BYGA Communications and Calendar tool for the Club and Teams
US Club Soccer National Governing Organization, staff background checks US Club Soccer’s registration system: players and staff (moving to Sports Engine Fall 2019)
NorCal Premier Soccer NorCal Premier Soccer League website includes NPL
Cal North California Youth Soccer Association for Northern California, governs CCSL and CRL leagues
CCSL Calnorth Cal Soccer League sanctioned by CYSA (aka CalNorth)
CRL California Regional League hosted by CalNorth
Redwood Soccer Now only used for Field Reservation system online registration system for leagues and tournaments
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