You should have received a formal offer from your coach to join the team for the upcoming season. Palo Alto Soccer Club now requires each player to formally “Accept” or “Decline” the offer to join the team.

PASC has established a more inclusive Club Fee (a flatter fee) for many of the standard fees required by all teams. See page 12 for an FAQ on the new fee structure. There will be one rate for all 4v4 players and two fee tiers (Tier A & B) for 7v7, 9v9, U13-U14, and U15-U19 teams. At a high level, the fees cover: coaching for the season (2 sessions per week for Tier B and 3 sessions per week for Tier A), rental of fields for practice and games, referees and registrations (player, club, team, league).  The higher fee, Tier A, is for those teams planning a longer practice season with increased competition. For Fall season, this includes registration for the NorCal Premier State Cup for Tier A teams. Starting in Spring 2018, this will include some tournament funds to help cover an initial tournament. Your team manager will separately collect team specific fees from players, typically before your first practice of the season. Refer to the FAQ for more information on standard fees vs team specific fees.

As we continue to evolve registration for programs, the initial deposit and remaining balance of the fees will be collected electronically. During the registration process you will be asked to select a payment method.

  1. eCheck – preferred choice with no additional fee. Similar to using a paper check but is more effective and efficient for club accounting.
  2. Credit Card – 3% convenience fee add to cover bank fees for processing

When selecting your payment method, you will also have the option to pay the remaining fees in one lump sum or spread it over 3 months (1st of Aug, Sep and Oct). A nominal fee of $10 will be applied to each of the payments to help defer the cost of managing the payment plans.

Teams Deposit Total Fees including Deposit Collected by Club *
2011 (in House 4v4 program) $400 $600
2010-2008 (7v7 teams) $600 Tier A: $1200,  Tier B $850
2007-2006 (9v9 teams) $600 Tier A: $1275,  Tier B $925
2005-2004 (11v11) $600 Tier A: $1175,  Tier B $900
2003-1999 (11v11) $600 Tier A: $1100,  Tier B $850

* Note:  More inclusive Fee Teams may elect to add additional events or training not included in the standard program covered by the Inclusive Club Fee. Funds for team specific costs including any additional events or additional training the team decides to add to their program will be collected separately from this registration by the team manager.

Scholarship Players

All returning scholarship players from last season and any players applying for the first time should use the “Scholarship Player” button. We are asking that you pay $200 to confirm your spot and separately you will must file an application for the scholarship.
Please click the appropriate button below to complete your response to your coach’s offer. On the “ACCEPT” form, a returning player can either login to their GotSoccer account using the link to “Go to Login” or simply use the “Returning Players – Easy Register” form. Players that do not have a GotSoccer account will need to click the “Setup an Account” link.

If you have trouble finding your player with the “Easy Register” form, it is possible that your zip code does not match what is in the system or perhaps the exact spelling on the player record is different than what you expect. Your team manager can look this up in the system for you. You may also just create a new account and we will merge the records for you after registration. This is the fastest solution and does not create any problems.

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