4v4 13G In house * Fernando Light
4v4 13G In house Al Cairns
7v7 12G Blue Jessica Ingram
7v7 12G White Jessica Ingram
7v7 12G Red TBD
7V7 11G Blue Rey Flores
7V7 11G White Rey Flores
7V7 11G Red TBD
7v7 10G BLUE Jessie Berta
7v7 10G WHITE Jessie Berta
7v7 10G RED Jesse Torres
9v9 09G BLUE Eric Madrigal
9v9 09G WHITE Eric Madrigal
9v9 09G RED Jesse Torres
9v9 08G BLUE Jessica Ingram
9v9 08G WHITE Jessica Ingram
9v9 08G RED Jessie Berta
9v9 08G GREEN Jesse Torres
11v11 07G BLUE David Madrigal
11v11 07G WHITE Jessica Hewis
11v11 07G RED Jessie Berta
11v11 06G BLUE Rodrigo Baptista
11v11 06G WHITE Ann Lombana
11v11 06G RED Ann Lombana
11v12 06G GREEN Jesse Torres
11v11 05G BLUE David Madrigal
11v11 05G WHITE Jessica Hewis
11v11 05G RED Ann Lombana
11v11 04G BLUE Nate Flowers
11v11 04G WHITE Chris Fitzpatrick
11v11 04G RED Chris Fitzpatrick
11v11 03B BLUE Rodrigo & Zoe M.
11v11 03G WHITE Eric Madrigal
11v11 01/02G BLUE Zlatan


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