Developmental Academy

(Ages 7-13)

Developmental Academy (Ages 7-13)

The purpose of this program is to concentrate on the development of each individual player. Therefore, there will be a low ratio of players to coaches which will allow players to have a wealth of experience with the coaches. This program is a 10 weeks program offered on Fridays at Cubberley Turf Field. Players will begin each session with plenty of touches and skill work with the ball. Each session will then be further enhanced with activities designed to provide game experience using a different theme each week. Players will then progress to small sided games coached by PASC coaches. The points of emphasis that PASC coaches will focus on in the small sided games will be directly related to the particular theme of that session. This is the training design encouraged by US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, and the National Soccer Coaches Association.

PASC DEVELOPMENTAL ACADEMY will be run by professional coaches led by  David Madrigal (Friday Academy and Girls U8-U12 Director of Coaching).

Who: U8-U14 Boys and Girls

Number of Sessions: 10 sessions.

Cost: $250 per player.

Where: Cubberley Football Field.

Time: Fridays, 4 – 5:30 PM

Dates: Fall 2018
August 24, 31
September 7,14,21,28
October 5,12,19,26

This season the Developmental Academy will be focusing specifically on developing Shooting and Finishing techniques. Our training sessions will provide the opportunity for players to practice GOAL SCORING!!! Sessions
will be led by David Madrigal, Girls’ Director of Coaching.
Scoring a goal is considered the most exciting moment in soccer. However, finishing (scoring) in soccer is NOT a technique exclusive for strikers – finishing is the act of intentionally placing the ball in the opposite goal by the use of physical techniques. So, whether you are a forward, midfielder or defender, the Developmental Academy: Shooting and Finishing sessions will enhance your scoring skills. Players will be divided into groups based on age and skill level.

Accuracy; finishing by means of accuracy is directing the ball so that the goalkeeper cannot reach it. Chipping over, curving or simply taking a shot out of the goalkeeper reach are all examples of accuracy finishing.
Power; in essence, power is only required when one is shooting from up far. Keepers who are unprepared can often be punished by hard-hit balls. Power shots deliver the ball at high speed and can be devastating if unanticipated by
the opponent goalkeeper.
Breakaways; an accurate kick in the corner or a surprising, sudden tap will beat any keeper from upclose.
Going around (1 vs. 1); dribble as to avoid the keeper who must be diving in or has positioned himself in an unbalanced stance.
Chipping; as soon as the keeper initiates his diving sequence the finisher should be prepared to lift the ball over
Distant attempts; shots taken from long distance need to be more powerful, otherwise the keeper will intercept
Finishing crosses; when the ball is served from outside into the danger zone, it is up to the attackers to finish it off.
Angled attempts; player is approaching the goal from the side and there are teammates around the penalty box.

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