PASC Recreational League

with Coach Ken

PASC Recreational League with Coach Ken

We use Rec League to introduce kids to real team soccer, with consistent teams, team mates, marked fields, rules and ref-coaches. Rec League is a step towards competitive club soccer. We therefore recommend Rec League for kids who have participated in our classes at least one season. If your player has never played organized soccer, it is best to start with our classes for at least a season, or take several of our camps.

Kids learn a skill of the day (ball skills, basic formation and rules of the game) for 20-25 minutes, then play real games, on marked fields with goalies, for the remaining time. We observe all soccer rules except the offside rule. All players are assigned teams and uniforms after the first 2 or 3 pre-season games depending on length of season. A maximum of 2 days will be used as ore-season games if the season is 8 weeks or less. We use those first 2 or 3 season games to gauge the kids so we can make the teams as even as possible.

FALL REC LEAGUE 2021 (2008-2015)

Sundays, September 12 – December 5
No game on November 21, 2021

Duration: 12 weeks
Time: (2008-2015) 9 am – 10:30 am
Location: Cubberley Grass Field, 4000 Nelson Drive, Palo Alto

Cost: $400 per player (includes uniform)


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